Blessings from Michigan

Blessings from Michigan! (this should be about a 2.5 minute read)

As you may know Pb Weeks and I are ministering in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan this week. Tonight will be our last session before heading back tomorrow. Prophetic ministry is always interesting.

Our previous meeting held many newcomers to prophetic ministry. It is interesting to observe how God as a gentleman reaches out to His beloved and how some receive easily, some receive cautiously and some are caught in the ‘newness’ of what they are experiencing. Pastor Brian moved as he always does in grace and encouragement, challenging without squishing, motivating with wise nudges instead of pointed pierces, and informing in ways that cause the hearer to see how God has been speaking this to them in the past. I so enjoy his seasoned nature in his gifting.

I gently provide an atmosphere, flowing from being in tune to what the Prophet is speaking, interjecting with supporting harmonies, melodies and occasional prophet song as the Spirit leads. My mind and spirit flowing from “Lord, what are you saying” to “Lord what should I be playing over this one” to “Lord, let me experience YOUR LOVE for these people.” This has proved to serve me well, and I’m convinced it can serve us all. Although I’ve been a firm believer that letting love drive the gifts out of us for many years, I’m still amazed at how He continues to demonstrate this and teach new depths of it. Gifts exercised for the sake of the gift can get us into trouble… it can get us into ‘performance’. Pastor Brian is always aware of this… we speak of this often. A dear friend and co-laborer of mine in Columbus, OH Kenneth Neff used to encourage us to live by the mantra “Live consciously.” We speak of avoiding performance in ministry to be conscious that it can be a real issue for any minister. We focus on Him. Doing only that wish the Father reveals; that’s what real. I want Him.

When it’s Him it’s undeniable. He speaks in ways that words, and music and lyrics alone simply can not. It’s deeper. You can often see it in the eyes of the one receiving… and hear it in their response. It’s His Spirit bearing witness with our spirit as the Word says… and it’s beautiful. When someone responds to you with, “thank you so much for sharing that… I really needed to hear that right now. How did you know?”, all I can say is, “Thank You Father. Thank You for expressing Your Love through this knucklehead.”

The other night also allowed for stretching others in their giftings too. In closing, Pastor Brian encouraged folks to find someone to pray with, and activated them to minister to each other. Many acknowledged that they needed this activation; this stretching, and that God used it to both inspire them and create some godly bonding between individuals. I too felt led to activate and encourage a young girl, (roughly my youngest daughter’s age, who was using her gift of singing with me in worship) to ‘venture out’. I encouraged her to listen for what God wanted to say, I informed her that God has been placing good things in her. Things worthy of being shared; things that would touch others. She replied, “I’ll try but I get nervous.” I encouraged her to trust that God wanted to use her, and to trust in Him. I informed her that I still occassionally have nerves to overcome… but when you KNOW it’s Him I’m more nervous now NOT to respond to Him; with Him. ‘Wow.’ Oh how she trusted, went for it, and blessed me and everyone there. I love seeing individuals step into new places for Him; step into new risk taking for Him.

Pray for us as we minister tonight. And of course be praying for those in the path of Irma. Jesus speak to the storms again.